30 October 2013
30 October 2013,

Tina Owen Virtual Assistants consistently strives to save you and your company time, money, and stress by offering the services of a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants offer a vast variety of services for you to consider, improving the functionality of your business.

Have you hired a person to answer your phone calls all day? Maybe schedule appointments but find you do not have enough other assignments to provide work for a part time employee?  Maybe you are out in the field performing hands on services and are too busy to answer phone calls or schedule appointments. This would be a perfect time to outsource to a Virtual Assistant for your receptionist needs. Telephone calls that you forward to my office will be professionally answered and complimented by great customer service to figure out the needs of the client, the location of the work and contact information for the client so that all information is provided to you before you contact this potential client or even arrive on your current customer’s job. An appointment can be made on your behalf and scheduled right into your calendar.  If we are seen as unavailable, whether it be because we are on another call or even at the jobsite itself, a potential client may take their needs elsewhere to someone who is available on the spot. This means a decrease in potential clients and a possible loss to our business. As a Virtual Assistant, all of my services are provided on an as needed basis. This means if you are out of town for a week, then I can answer calls and schedule appointments all week and forward information through email contact or if you have an emergency and need calls answered for just the afternoon then that is determined through you. The less time you are able to spend on the phone means the more face to face client contact and a better reputation for your service can be continuously built.

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