13 July 2015

Year end tax preparation

13 July 2015,

Preparing the tax folder for yearend taxes can be time consuming and confusing. My clients know that their books have been entered correctly or […]

9 July 2015

Virtual reception and your business

9 July 2015,

Customer correspondence is a great way for a potential customer to see how the business treats one of its most valuable assets, its customers. […]

6 July 2015

What industry are you in?

6 July 2015,

Each industry and each company within that industry has its own variations when it comes to bookkeeping. As a bookkeeper for the past 35+ […]

2 July 2015

How Important is a Client Database

2 July 2015,

Do you currently have a client database set up? Or do you often find yourself searching through a stack of business cards or other […]

29 June 2015

Decreasing Expenses

29 June 2015,

Decreasing expenses is the goal for some businesses who realize they are spending too much money. Is it possible with more knowledge you would […]