13 August 2015
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13 August 2015,


Bookkeeping packages are designed to cover your needs. They include, a startup of the system with all accounts for expenses, assets, liabilities, a training of the system, an onsite review of your books, edits and bring the account up to date and monthly virtual entries where upon receipt of necessary documentation I can complete entries accurately and timely. These packages are designed to cover any and all bookkeeping needs your business has. The consultation is free and work is done timely, efficiently and professionally to insure your money is well spent. Contact me today and see if and how my business will be able to benefit yours.


Bookkeeping (Tune-up) – The fix it package to get your books and your business back on track. Are you unable to keep your bookkeeping system up to date and on the right track as the year progresses? The bookkeeping tune-up package is available to correct any errors in your system as well as make the entries that are needed to bring your books up to date.


Monthly Virtual – The monthly virtual bookkeeping package involves entering all the month’s entries, generation of month end, quarterly, or yearly reports. This package allows your books to be kept up to date monthly so you are never too far behind especially come tax time. This package is designed to keep business owners up to date and current with all their bookkeeping aspects such as bill pays, invoicing and daily transactions.


Monthly On-Site – Come to the office, review of the books, entries, reports, etc. This package is designed to service business owners bookkeeping needs within their own office. I come to your office space and make the necessary entries, reconciliations and generate reports as needed. Enjoy being current on your books as well as being able to see a much clearer financial picture as to how your business is doing to date throughout the year.


QuickBooks Start-up – Implementation and Training of a staff employee. Do you currently have an employee that is handling the books? Or is this a task you are much more comfortable completing on your own? Either way, this package is designed to train the person that will be handling the entries into your bookkeeping system. Do you or your office employee tend to struggle with certain entries such as invoicing, bill pays, reconciliations or payroll? This package will correct the process in which the bookkeeper handles your books, show them tricks, and shortcuts to complete tasks faster.



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