17 August 2015
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17 August 2015,

Initiation of a QuickBooks system or any bookkeeping system in general can be difficult. It is always best to not try and enter everything upon initiation but to add accounts as you go. This will reduce the stress of trying to figure all the accounts your system will need at once. You can enter the basics such as bank accounts, loans, credit cards, equipment you own, etc. As you can see, this is certainly not a quick to complete task and requires a lot of attention to detail and focus to complete properly. Many of my clients have built their business based on where their passions lie. Whether it be landscaping or decorating baked goods, my clients are excellent at the services or products they offer. However, bookkeeping and office tasks are not something that everyone can be excellent at. My clients trust in an experienced bookkeeper to handle their system setup as well as the completion of entries. This allows them to save the time setting up their company and better spend their time working with clients or gathering more business.


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