6 August 2015
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6 August 2015,


Office assistance packages include email newsletters, brochures, social media posts, bulk mailings, blogging, database management and virtual reception. Rest assured when you are out in the field needed tasks are being run professionally on the office end. Calls can be answered along with email correspondence with clients, email newsletters can be put into a template, and created monthly to generate more business, databases can be updated and blogs or social media posts can be generated and sent out about your business. No office task is a small one when they all play a part in generating business and bringing in income. See how a virtual assistant can help your business and support the growth.

Brochure Package – Changes or construction of brochures for marketing purposes. Is your marketing brochure up to date, showing all the correct information and look appealing? Or do you not have a business brochure? Creating a brochure requires knowledge of the business, services, and appropriate information which may require some research or purchasing of pictures. Do not spend your valuable time competing these tasks instead of gathering business or completing more important tasks.


Database Package – Database updates made periodically. Do you currently have a database or do you have a giant stack of business cards, client emails or contact information, and people you need to reach out to? Moving all of that information into a database that can be used for marketing is a time consuming process as every card is setup differently, contains different information and can often take hours to get in order. The database is the foundation of our marketing and how we stay in touch with past customers, reach out to new ones and stay on the radar of potential clients.


Virtual Receptionist – Virtual correspondence between yourself and clients. Email, telephone, calendar updates, etc. This service allows business owners to know that calls are being answered timely, appropriately and professionally. This works for collection calls, calls to the business while you are out of town, on vacation or even during the off hours when no one is in the office to take phone calls. Missed calls are returned during normal operating hours. Messages are sent back to the owner per your request.


Social Media and Blogging РSocial posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, etc. Blogs posted to website and sent out to clients through email correspondence. Social media is crucial to the development of business in today’s society. With 85 percent of consumers using the internet for to search for services from local businesses, the internet is a huge marketing tool. The internet is a way to connect people looking for services or products to the places where they can obtain them. Make sure your business is showing as close to the top of the searches as possible by utilizing social media posts, blogs and website updates.


Newsletter Package – Monthly newsletters sent out for marketing and business informational services. Do you send out a newsletter on a regular basis? Newsletters are a medium where business owners can reach out to current, past and potential clients in a cost effective way to maintain contact. This is a great way for businesses that infrequently provide products or services to customers the ability to maintain with those they have done business with in the past. These newsletters are sent out weekly, monthly, or quarterly to update consumers on your services, prices or other business information such as new locations and hours.



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