3 August 2015
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3 August 2015,

What does passion mean to you? To me passion is when I can thoroughly enjoy a days’ worth of work and be happy about it. I have loved bookkeeping since I started about 35 years ago and made a huge decision to start my own business. I did this because the work that I am able to do is a way for me to help business owner’s complete tasks that they may not want to, may not be able to afford hiring an employee or would much rather enjoy their free time. My clients are overjoyed by the work I am able to do but also the timeliness, accuracy and professionalism that goes along with it. You went out and started a business because the services or products that you supply to others benefits others. Passion is a driving force in any aspect of life. Your passion shows in everything you do for your business. Whether that be working hard, maintaining professionalism, providing high quality customer service or even the behind the scenes tasks of the office, you are able to manage all tasks or trust someone to complete them appropriately.


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