18 November 2013
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18 November 2013,

We start our own businesses because we have a passion.  A passion to build, manufacturer, advise, assist, care for, sell, bake or whatever it is that we enjoy and have experience and knowledge in.  While we are very good at what we do, we are sometimes not knowledgeable in the support we need to get there.  Believe it or not, our offices are the base or support that we must have securely in place to operate our businesses.  Our offices are where we keep all our business records, estimate our jobs, consult with our clients, maintain our databases for clients and potential clients, and so forth.  Having an office that runs efficiently and is organized is one of the most important aspects of our businesses.  We need to know where our client files are and where our customer and vendor billing stands at all times.  Are our schedules kept up to date?  Although organizing our office may not be at the top of our list of priorites.  We need to work, sell and provide great customer service at all times.  Taking time out of our busy schedules to move office furniture, set up filing processes and deciding what records to keep where, just isn’t a priority for most.  We hire an Attorney to handle our legal matters and an Accountant for our tax filings.  So why not hire a professional that specializes in setting up office systems?  I can assess your office and advise you on changes or additional processes that need to be in place so that your office runs smoothly and efficiently to complete all tasks and record keeping in a timely fashion.  I can also implement these systems and even train your current office staff on keeping your office on track.


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