"Everyone needs a Tina! She genuinely wants to see people succeed. She not only whipped our books into shape but trained me on how to keep them that way. She revamped our entire filing system saving me time and aggravation – I know where to find everything now! She continues to provide support and guidance every step of the way. She is always just a phone call away to help in whatever capacity is needed. She has become such a trusted resource over the last 6 months. I honestly don’t know what I would do without her. Thank you"

Julie Kavaleski , Dempsey Oil Inc.

“I have been using Tina Owen to do my bookkeeping for 3 companies plus my personal bookkeeping for over 3 years now and have only positive things to say about her and her work. She works hand in hand with my CPA to make sure everything is setup for the end of the year. She keeps the companies flowing throughout the year and up to date each month so we know exactly where each stands on cash flow. I have and will continue to recommend Tina to any business colleague or business I come across. Thank You again Tina.”

 – By Dr. Josh Koenig, Koenig Family Chiropractic


“Tina has been a lifesaver for us. She is knowledgeable, trustworthy, friendly, punctual, and patient. I had no experience with QuickBooks and she was able to teach me to use it while also organizing and cleaning up over a year’s worth of our QuickBooks history. Knowing that she is just a phone call or email away when I need her help provides me with tremendous peace of mind, and I can offer only the highest recommendation for Tina and her work.”

 – By Amy Feldman, Skills 4 Living


“Tina Owen has been helping my small business accounting since the beginning of 2013.  She is always open to visiting when I need her, whether it be a quick phone call or a visit with our staff.  Her pricing is extremely reasonable, I would strongly recommend her services to anyone in need of accounting assistance.”

 – By Eric A. Miles, Offroad Elements-Sales & Tech Ninja


“Tina was with me for many years, until I retired and moved out of state. I found her and quickly became aware of her many talents. She has that instinctive good business sense that they don’t teach in school. Her photographic memory for facts and figures is outstanding. I once called her because I forgot to stub a check, and she remembered (over the phone) not only to whom it was made but for how much. If you are considering hiring Tina, you’ve made the best business decision of the year, and perhaps of your entire career.”

– By James B. Coursey, Coursey Design Consultants


“Tina saves me so much time. She does QuickBooks accounting in minutes.  The same work took me hours and still wasn’t right. She’s reliable, efficient, really smart…and I trust her.”

 – By Karl Crowell, Karl Crowell Insurance 


“Tina is a pleasure to work with.  Before she began working on our QuickBooks accounts, they were a mess.  Since then, because of her efforts, QuickBooks has worked very well.  Tina is knowledgeable and eager to share her knowledge with us.”

 – By Bob Allison and Diane Gardner, Law Office of F. Robert Allison


“Tina provides administrative services to my law firm on an as-needed basis, allowing for maximum schedule flexibility.  Her attention to detail, focus on task completion and amazing work ethic are assets that could benefit any company.  With Tina, things get done.  This allows me to focus more on solving client issues and not spend as much time on the administrative side of my business.  I am truly grateful for the services she provides to my practice.”

 – By Aaron Burke, Esquire, Law Office of Aaron Burke


“Tina is professional, punctual and a delight to work with. She follows through and delivers what she promises and her attention to detail is impeccable. She brings energy and enthusiasm to every project she tackles and is always up for a challenge. My decision to hire Tina was one of the best business decisions I’ve made!”

– By Jen Sylvester, REMAX Realty


“We have engaged the services of Tina Owen for the last several years and have been very happy with the results.  Tina has handled our database management and all aspects of our periodic mailers about four times per year.  Tina has become an invaluable member of our team and her timely and consistent reminders have helped keep us on task to get this mailers out with a reliable consistency.  Tina always has a “can do”, positive attitude and requires no oversight on our part; she is reliable, capable, self-directed, and a great problem-solver.  Finally, we have always found her to be very fair with her rates and billing procedures.  She is a joy to work with. ”

 – By Greg and Tami Edson, Merrimack Mortgage Company, Inc. 


“I can’t thank you enough for all your help.  From tax prep to marketing you have really helped reduce stress and take my business to another level.  Your phone answering service has made real time off a reality and my customers love dealing with you and your staff.  Looking forward to all that we will accomplish together in the year ahead.”

 – By Rawson S. Randlett, Owner : White Horse Lawn and Tree


“I find Tina Owen very easy to work with and reasonably priced. The best thing she does for me is to keep my posts and newsletter on a regular schedule.”

 – By Ann S. Lainhart, The Quilted Gallery


“I don’t know what I would have done without Tina! She is a valuable asset to my practice, running errands, conducting client intakes, starting client files and maintenance, drafting paperwork and also attends to my payables and receivables. I trust her completely to handle all of my bookkeeping needs. My tax attorney said he had never seen such well maintained books. She keeps me on track. My clients love her. She is dedicated and professional and her work ethic is unbeatable. She is simply the best!”

– By Marie Reidy, Esquire


“Tina not only has got our bookkeeping straightened away in record time…but also provided some QuickBooks training.  She’s amazing, and we have hired Tina to help us on a regular basis.  Every business needs a Tina.”

– By Pam Smith, Creative Pear


“Since taking over the bookkeeping for my business, Tina has been a lifesaver. Her attention to detail ensures that all the financial transactions are recorded accurately. She is friendly, flexible with her time and always willing to help with whatever we ask her to do. Tax time is a breeze with Tina as her reports are so well done that my tax accountant has no problem quickly doing are taxes. I have every confidence in Tina.”

– By Belinda Brewster, Copy Direct


“I have been using Tina Owen to do my bookkeeping for my business for nearly three years; Tina is a life saver. Although I am associated with a large financial planning firm, as a tax entity I am a sole proprietor, and that requires detailed record keeping, tax preparation and time, away from my clients.  Tina provides the system and documents my CPA needs to make sure everything is in order for the tax season. I couldn’t do it without her, I know because I tried. Tina does the bookkeeping so that I may focus on my client’s needs and deliver the best service I can to them.  I recommend Tina to any business colleague or business I come across.  I thank you Tina, and so do my clients, even if they don’t know you.:

 – By Mike Lincoln, CPCU, CLU